Object-oriented programming language - Smalltalk/X

a product from eXept Software AG, is a complete implementation of the programming language Smalltalk, class library and development environment, providing:
  • An object-oriented programming language
  • Graphic development environment with editors, browsers, debuggers, GUI builders, etc.
  • Incremental compilation, byte code interpreter and dynamic (just-in-time) compiler
  • Static compilation and DLL generation, controlled by make-files
  • Comprehensive class library with ready-to-use modules for applications
  • Open Smalltalk source code.

Implementation of the language and class library complies with the draft ANSI standard and the industry standard.

Free to Use! Smalltalk/X may be used even for the development of commercial software and applications without any licence fee (a few minor restrictions apply). Please take a look at the licence conditions, which are part of the download package.

Optimized software development process

One outstanding feature of Smalltalk/X is the fact that it offers an interpretative development environment (with the associated short turnaround times that this yields) as well as a compiler which translates Smalltalk classes into real machine code:
  • Standalone applications can be generated (without image files)
  • Compiled class libraries (DLLs / shared libraries) can be generated
  • Simple incorporation of (inline) C-code and/or connection of external C-libraries and DLLs
  • Time-critical functions can be optimized using inline C-code
Smalltalk/X thus combines the advantages of interpretative development environments, i.e. short turnaround times in the development cycle (coding, testing, bug tracking and fixing) with the benefits of compilation-based systems (execution speed, code sharing in DLL, non-decompilability). Smalltalk/X is, therefore, an excellent platform for the development of high-performance, robust applications. It can be used in all areas strarting from small scripting tasks, to interactive GUI applications and mission critical server applications which have to run uninterrupted all over the day.

Smalltalk/X also serves as a platform for many products and customer projects created by eXept.