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AIDYMO at a glance

  • Open standard for connecting any third-party products
  • Unlimited number of interfaces
  • Use in a heterogeneous environment of different systems, technologies, services and interfaces 
  • Plug-and-play connection of existing components (reuse within supply chains)
  • Cloud for industry with open application interface for individual customer applications
  • Optional cloud infrastructure - public cloud, private cloud or on-premise solution
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Cost-effectiveness through high reusability and low maintenance
  • Possibilities for completely new business models

produkt AIDYMO Aufeinen Blick 1500AIDYMO - The Platform

All engines are powered by the AIDYMO Core Technology Platform. A proprietary software platform developed by eXept.

  • The Process Modelling Engine enables the automation of processes as well as the development of flow scenarios
  • The Data Aggregation Engine, in conjunction with process data, enables the collection and storage of data from modelled processes as well as the import and export of data, etc.
  • The Business Intelligence Engine enables data to be analysed, key values to be specified, the values to be stored and retrieved and measured against their processes.
  • The optimisation engine optimises the process according to the constraints resulting from the business intelligence analysis.

Combining the AIDYMO engines enables the transformation of your company towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0 and the realisation of digital twins for your processes.

AIDYMO Core TechnologyPlatform a



Currently, AIDYMO is being used in several health offices in Baden-Württemberg:

With the automation of the recording of corona tests and proof of immunity (e.g. for compulsory measles vaccination), the health offices could be relieved. All process steps are carried out automatically.

Selected features from AIDYMO's collection of measles immunity proofs from institutions such as schools:

  • Provision of a secure encrypted e-portal for data transmission from schools to the health department.
  • Syntactic, semantic verification, matching of addresses with reporting data and verification of causal relationships
  • Automatic entry into Octoware or alternative database and execution of the measures catalogue.

Selected features from AIDYMO's Corona tracking:

  • Automated reading and verification of DEMIS data and entry of correct data into Octoware
  • Interface to emails, faxes and other information carriers/interfaces, further processing and automatic matching as well as entering the processed data into databases such as Octoware and sending emails.
  • Dashboard display and reporting of all data in real time.


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How expecco works:

No. 2 – Dynamic update of test sequences.

expecco supports the dynamic import of information at runtime. Based on this information, this mechanism can be used to create new test components fully automatically or to update existing ones. Existing test sequences can be automatically adapted to changes to the system under test and prepared for extensions for new / expanded test cases.

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