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test automation connected car

Mobile devices, backend infrastructure and control devices all together in one test scenario.

The networked car brings special challenges to software testing. Even the malfunction of a single component in complex systems can lead to the failure of the entire vehicle management system. eXept made it possible for the first time to map mobile devices, backend infrastructure and control devices together in one test scenario.

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expecco combines all procedures for the creation of automated test cases.

Disadvantages of the first three generations, such as high effort for the creation and maintenance of test cases, the limitation to sequential processes, a more difficult troubleshooting are compensated by the graphical test development (4th generation).

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expecco User Meeting

30.07.2015 at Airbus in Friedrichshafen

The first expecco User Meeting was a complete success. 40 users and interested persons informed themselves about the test automation with expecco as well as about tips and tricks in the application between 12 and 18 pm. Two large Airbus internal projects were also presented during the afternoon.

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Connection MTBsuite

Rediscover testing complex systems!

With this innovation, sepp.med and eXept offer a continuous and realistic automation chain: from model to automatic test case generation to automated test execution.

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MTBsuite-Connection to expecco

"Quality versus complexity: innovative - agile - mobile"

The 5th sepp.med Expert Symposium will take place on 21 May 2015. Experts from all areas of software quality management will find the ideal setting for an exchange.

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The demo version of expecco ALM is now available.

Test our Quality management tool expecco-alm
We have activated unrestricted access for you on our support pages.

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Automotive&Testing Day

Tester with drive.

Autonomous driving, driver assistance systems, infotainment and much more: Digitalization and networking in the automotive sector are leading to ever more extensive, complex but also highly innovative systems. Quality management and above all testing are becoming increasingly important not only for safety reasons - but what innovations and challenges are there in this area in particular? Under the motto "Tester with Drive", the ASQF Automotive and Testing Day in Baden-Württemberg will address this exciting environment.

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