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HP has outsourced its software assets to Micro Focus.

These include Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Quality Center, LoadRunner, and application lifecycle management.
Will these products be developed and supported in the future?
With our innovative product line expecco we offer the best possible alternative for a change.

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This allows you to test your application on all mobile devices and operating systems stress-free overnight.

Testing software or apps for many hundreds of device variants means a lot of effort and is error-prone. eXept offers you a tool for test automation for maximum efficiency and quality: With expecco, any number of variants of mobile devices and operating systems can be integrated into a single test setup.

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expecco app

Keep an eye on all test runs while on the move? Complete monitoring and control of test cases from all mobile devices? - The new expecco app makes this possible!

With an app for Android, all test cases and computers can be monitored and controlled via mobile devices in the future.

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Assuming “The quality should be alright” often enough leads to fatal consequences in software development. Pierre Audoin Consultants’ (PAC) IT analysts revealed in a survey that 51 percent of all participating companies in Europe encounter problems with the quality of running software (4 % always, 10 % often, 39 % sometimes). The ones producing this software are widely aware that software testing is key to their products, but haven’t yet implemented a controlled and transparent way of testing.

In this webinar you will learn how the cooperation of MBTsuite, expecco and Polarion ALM seamlessly automates tasks such as test design, test case generation, test implementation, and test administration.

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test automation connected car

Mobile devices, backend infrastructure and control devices all together in one test scenario.

The networked car brings special challenges to software testing. Even the malfunction of a single component in complex systems can lead to the failure of the entire vehicle management system. eXept made it possible for the first time to map mobile devices, backend infrastructure and control devices together in one test scenario.

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expecco combines all procedures for the creation of automated test cases.

Disadvantages of the first three generations, such as high effort for the creation and maintenance of test cases, the limitation to sequential processes, a more difficult troubleshooting are compensated by the graphical test development (4th generation).

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expecco User Meeting

30.07.2015 at Airbus in Friedrichshafen

The first expecco User Meeting was a complete success. 40 users and interested persons informed themselves about the test automation with expecco as well as about tips and tricks in the application between 12 and 18 pm. Two large Airbus internal projects were also presented during the afternoon.

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