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ISG GmbH and eXept AG Conclude Partnership
eXept Software AG and ISG GmbH jointly embark down new paths in test automation. Through the jointly-developed solution, automated tests are being provided for virtual systems in conjunction with real controlling.


Companies in many industries are facing the challenge of keeping their systems cost-effective at all times despite diverse and ever-increasing requirements–shorter production times, increased cost and time pressures, an increasing abundance of variants, decreasing batch sizes and thus the accompanying retooling times, etc. In order to do so, many manufacturers and operators–quite in the sense of Industry 4.0–are relying on the digitalization and networking of their systems.
In order to ideally meet these challenges, ISG and eXept are developing a solution based upon the test automation tool called expecco by means of which the system virtualization can be tested in an automated fashion in conjunction with real controlling regardless of who the controlling manufacturer is. Interfaces such as VNC, Qt, OPC UA, CORBA will be provided in order to enable a continuous end-to-end test.
Through the innovative automation solution, testing expenditures and error rates owing to human factors are substantially reduced and thus the quality of the software is increased. Through an increasing complexity of software and a number of iterations, an increasing cost-savings can be attained.
The following can be seen for the initial time: The solution from November 28-30, 2017 on sps ipc drives in Nuremberg in Hall 6, Booth 6-340.

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