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MTBsuite-Connection to expecco

"Quality versus complexity: innovative - agile - mobile"

The 5th sepp.med Expert Symposium will take place on 21 May 2015. Experts from all areas of software quality management will find the ideal setting for an exchange.

Top-class speakers from research and practice are waiting for you: You can look forward to a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner, TU Munich, as well as interesting lectures on software testing of electronic steering or quality management in agile projects at Volkswagen AG.

Or do you already know how and why an open source platform is used when testing one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms? Michael Palotas, founder and Principal Consultant of Gridfusion, will share his knowledge with us. eXept will present the connection of the MBTsuite to expecco for the first time at the symposium!

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