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End-to-end testing of embedded systems

The ASQF Qualityday with the topic "Software quality in an increasingly networked environment" will take place on November 29th in Berlin. In his presentation, our product manager Andreas Bartsch shows a way for end-to-end testing of embedded systems.


The increasing complexity of the systems due to the increasing networking with at the same time ever shorter releases question the previous development processes. The goal of providing stable and error-free End2End services over the long term is becoming a challenge. Quality management, especially software testing, is having difficulties in ensuring that promised functionality can be delivered in the required quality. All industries and topics such as Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Connected Car etc. are affected.
The lecture describes these challenges from the perspective of software testing using examples from various industries. In the first step, the most important problems, their causes and their effects will be examined. Based on this consideration, a step-by-step procedure model is then created to show how the software test can cover future requirements.

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