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embedded testing

eXept is represented with an interesting lecture at the conference Embedded Testing which takes place from July 2nd - 4th in Munich: The topic "end-to-end testing of networked systems" is becoming more and more important.

The market around connected cars, houses and everyday objects as well as the digitalization of industry is exploding. The increasing complexity of systems as a result of increasing networking and at the same time ever shorter releases are calling previous development processes into question. How can complex workflows be mapped realistically? How can processes be automated in order to guarantee high software quality even with shorter release cycles?

In a 45-minute presentation, Claus Gittinger will address these and other questions and describe the challenges from a software testing perspective using examples from various industries.

The Embedded Testing Conference takes place for the 6th time in succession. Numerous lectures, workshops and user reports invite to discuss the topics around testing.

Mehr zur Konferenz, den Workshops und Vorträgen finden Sie unter www.embedded-testing.de

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