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Ready-to-use and flexible solution for real-time acquisition of all current corona numbers.

 Recording of Corona Cases

1. Executive Summary

We as eXept Software AG, enable the efficient digitalization of business and administrative processes in all areas of companies and administrations without changing the work processes of those involved. The solution described below, which relates to the transfer of Corona figures from the individual health offices, is immediately available and can be implemented in less than 2 hours.

With this solution, the employees from the home office or the office can process the case numbers parallel in the existing form and thus work much more flexibly and efficiently. Reports for offices, the RKI or other institutes as well as other interested parties are created in real time and allow full data transparency.

2. Description

Instead of working at the health office as before, the use of expecco WF (digitalized workflow) enables the employees of the health offices to work from home. This is a requirement that the government places on companies, but which has not yet been implemented in the health offices. As before, the employees enter the current Corona data for the day into the familiar form. Afterwards, "thin expecco" takes over the encryption and the sending of the data to the central office of the health department.

There, the data from "expecco" is decrypted, aggregated and synchronized. This means that real-time data is available at all times. The data aggregated in this way are analysed and summarised and transmitted in encrypted form in reports for the Federal Health Office, the health offices, the RKI or other defined institutions. The current figures and transmission situations of the individual health offices can be requested at any time.

3. Summary

  • The employees can work in the office or at home.
  • The process flow of the employees does not have to be changed. No employee has to learn anything new.
  • All existing documents, templates and file formats are supported.
  • Based on the generated real-time reports and analyses, a complete understanding of the corona preparation is made possible.

=> The solution can be implemented in less than 2 hours.

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