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expecco's Workflow Engine

expecco is Based on a Workflow Engine.
The workflow engine allows to define any processes, such as loops, conditional executions, and parallelism. The test descriptions which are modelled as graphical diagrams are processed by the workflow engine.

The test descriptions which are modelled in expecco are special forms of workflows. In general, very diverse business processes are modelled as workflows.

In this regard, the Object Management Group (OMG) has standardised its own notation for the description of business processes: “Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)” (http://www.bpmn.org). BPMN serves primarily for describing and documenting business processes.

expecco's workflow engine can not only just describe these workflows, but rather also automatically process them. Hybrid workflows can also be modelled, which are in parts processed automatically and in other parts processed by human workers.

A typical example of a business process in a bank is the opening of a bank account. In order to do so, various process steps are required which execute in parts in an automated fashion (reservation of an account number, Schufa query, inputting data sets in a database), in other parts processed by the bank’s employees (approving overdraft limits, special conditions, approving accounts for third parties/foreign persons,…). Because various employees have rights and competences, the roles have to be modelled for the individual manual process steps. The steps to be implemented during the process are dependent on the input data. The process is supposed to be easy to adapt to the new standards–without big programming expenditures.
expecco's workflow engine includes all of this and can be integrated into already-existing infrastructures.



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