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eXept Software AG guarantees to deliver a functioning app after every update of Android or iOS and after every app extension and to optimize staff deployment with its tool "expecco".

Test automation is an essential part of delivering high quality apps. The user expects error-free functionality at all times. The biggest challenges are the extremely short development cycles of the operating systems and the apps as well as the availability of staff. Developers are often testers at the same time and click through the app manually after each release, which ultimately leads to increased development effort in the event of an error. The automation of app tests is widely regarded as too complex. However, the initial effort for the introduction of test automation pays off after the first update. expecco promises a fast and efficient test development. With the integrated recorder and the possibility of graphical test development via drag & drop, the tests can also be formulated by non-programmers. Once created, the tests run under both Android and iOS. The expecco concept reduces test maintenance to a minimum and enables a repeatable, reliable test process.

But expecco can do even more: In complex projects, all components of the overall system must be tested in conjunction with each other. Therefore expecco provides the connection to interfaces for communication and control of external hardware, control devices and bus systems, embedded systems, etc. Even missing components can be simulated with expecco before their completion.

The eXept Service for Mobile Testing:
If the test development, execution and analysis should take place in your company, the eXept team will support you with the introduction of expecco and the setup of test automation. You don't want to run a Test Lab yourself? Then use the Test Lab of eXept! The team also takes over the test development on the basis of customer requirements and carries it out automatically on the individual test platform. You receive a detailed documentation of all activities, delivery of regular and audit-proof reports with all necessary proofs as well as the analysis of the executed test cases, error localization and troubleshooting.

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