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This allows you to test your application on all mobile devices and operating systems stress-free overnight.

Testing software or apps for many hundreds of device variants means a lot of effort and is error-prone. eXept offers you a tool for test automation for maximum efficiency and quality: With expecco, any number of variants of mobile devices and operating systems can be integrated into a single test setup.

ECUs and terminal devices in the Internet of Things are characterized by a multitude of device types and versions, operating systems and generations. If, for example, an app is to be tested for different devices, due to the variety of variants, several hundred independent test variants have to be carried out in a short time. The effort for such manual single tests is enormous and at the same time the risk of missing an error is high. With expecco it is possible to integrate any number of variants into a test run by automating tests. So only one test run has to be designed and the tests run fully automated for all versions - if needed even overnight. This enables you to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and quality for your tests. If a test step leads to different variants (e.g. depending on the device type), only virtual actions must be placed in the test step. These virtual actions are then linked to a block library that belongs to the corresponding device. The library combines the virtual with a real action. With expecco it is no longer necessary to develop different test runs for different devices or variants. Only variant-specific actions have to be defined once and connected to the respective library.

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