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expecco combines all procedures for the creation of automated test cases.

Disadvantages of the first three generations, such as high effort for the creation and maintenance of test cases, the limitation to sequential processes, a more difficult troubleshooting are compensated by the graphical test development (4th generation).

In expecco model diagrams are executed directly, i.e. without the indirect use of a code generator. Debugging, single stepping, data inspection, etc. are performed in real time on the running system. This makes expecco a realistic test system in which the transition from the abstract model to the executable test takes place interactively and through step-by-step refinement. Start in the analysis phase, without an executable target system, by modeling the processes abstractly. Details that are not yet known such as concrete interfaces, protocols, data values, field names, etc. remain open and are defined as empty activities. With the increasing availability of the target system components, these empty test functions are concretized step by step. Your test can become more concrete at the same time as the target system: from model to reality.


The 4th generation offers highest flexibility for your automation:

  • Programming of own blocks ("Scripting")
  • Creation of keywords for sequential processes
  • Model-based test case development
  • Realistic test automation

expecco – for high-performance test automation

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