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optimizing manual tests

How can manual testing be improved and simplified for managers, developers and testers?

This is the question that drives us and we are passionate about supporting our customers and providing them with the best tools.

In many areas, tests are carried out manually for various reasons. In some cases, automation is not worthwhile because the execution rate is too low or the corresponding resources are missing to introduce automation. However, the introduction of a tool is also worthwhile in this case, because the challenge of manual testing lies in the administration, the verification of individual results and the preview of the project status or the verification of milestones.

Migration path from manual test to partial or full automation.

Test steps that are constantly repeated or reused in different tests, such as filling in fields, navigating or validating field contents, logins, etc., can be automated. They are integrated into the test sequence and allow considerable time savings during the manual test, long-term cost reduction and increased performance of the entire test sequence. This approach allows you to automate step by step, according to your needs and pace.
To meet these challenges we have developed expecco Testcenter. The testcenter contains the components test management, resource management and test automation as well as calendar and notification functions.

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optimizing manual tests

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