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Test GUI, Mobile, Embedded, SAP, Measurement Devices in one Tool

Test your Technologies Individually or in Combination in one Testszenario with expecco

For a continuous End-to-End-Testing

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GUI technologies


  • Simultaneous testing of applications in different implementation languages
  • Simultaneous communication with several applications on different computers
  • Combination of Gui- and Non-Gui test steps in one testszenario
  • Recorded test sequences are flexible "parameterizable" and can be easily integrated into larger test runs
  • Test sequences can be created before or parallel to application development


  • Full remote access to multiple mobile devices
  • Wide control possibilities for the testing of applications
  • Communication expecco - Mobile devices via WLAN and USB
  • Communication with external hardware (Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, Control units, Backend)
  • Simultaneous execution on several devices
  • Availability of trace data by automated documentation for additional analysis of buggy test runs
  • No jailbreak necessary

technologien mobile

technologien web


  • Testing of Windows und Linux applications in different browsers
  • Integrated recorder
  • Test runs in different browsers executable
  • expecco is based on Selenium RC and WebDriver

Embedded Systems

  • Direct control of hardware interfaces and bus systems
  • Remote control of embedded systems
  • Analog input and output

technologien embedded systems

technologien sap


  • Direct communication - expecco and SAP
  • expecco reproduces real business processes
  • Connection to SAP GUI via eCatt
  • Connection with several GUIs simultaneously

More libraries for: Measurement devices / Simulators / Interfaces

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Different Technologies in one Testszenario

  • Test all technologies with one tool, in only one test run
  • True-to-life Testszenarios
  • End-to-End-Test
  • Simulation of missing components
  • For Windows and Linux