Smalltalk/X is a complete implementation of the Smalltalk programming language, with an extensive class library and graphical development environment.

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Smalltalk – the powerful foundation

The language contains state-of-the-art concepts combined with incremental translation. This results in extremely short turn-around times and allows programming while the programme is running. This makes Smalltalk/X one of the most productive platforms for project development.

Development with Smalltalk/X

Smalltalk/X is fast, secure, stable and powerful, strong in critical projects, in long-term use both at eXept and at many industrial customers and therefore an excellent platform for the development of high-performance and robust applications.

Smalltalk/X and eXept

Smalltalk/X was developed entirely in-house and is constantly being expanded and maintained. It forms the basis for our products. The advantages of Smalltalk/X combined with the comprehensive expertise of our team make eXept fast and flexible in the development of the technologically leading test automation solution expecco.

Our innovation – your benefits

  • Graphical development environment with editors, browsers, debugger, GUI builder, refactory tools, etc.
  • Team support with centralised source repository, change and merge tools
  • Incremental compilation, bytecode interpreter and dynamic (just-in-time) compiler
  • Extensive class library with “ready-to-use” modules for applications
  • Open Smalltalk source code
  • Special feature of Smalltalk/X: Static compilation and DLL generation, controlled by makefiles
  • Special feature of Smalltalk/X: Makefiles, packages and self-installing delivery packages are generated automatically
  • Generates self-installing delivery packages for graphical or non-graphical server applications
  • 32bit and 64bit versions are available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, macOS and even Raspberry Pi (on request)
  • Free to use, no licence costs – even for commercial use
  • We offer support and service contracts if you need assistance

Our solutions and offers around Smalltalk


From subsystems, frameworks or complete applications from and to Smalltalk/X or to another Smalltalk dialect.


We develop your project with our many years of experience and extensive expertise.

Support, maintenance, further development and modernisation

We help you to keep your existing system up to date with the latest technology.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us or are you interested in our latest Smalltalk?

Ansprechpartner Claus Gittinger

Claus Gittinger

Inventor and chief developer ST/X

Phone: +49 7142-91948-38


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