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Smalltalk/X is a complete implementation of the programming language Smalltalk with a comprehensive class library and a graphical development environment.

Smalltalk – The High-Performance Basis

The language offers all programming options and incremental translation. That makes it a powerful foundation for project development.

Development with Smalltalk

Smalltalk/X is fast, secure, stable and high-performing, strong on critical projects and thus an outstanding platform for developing performant and robust applications.

Our Innovation–Your Benefit

  • Graphical development environment with editors, browsers, debuggers, GUI Builder, etc.
  • Incremental compilation, bytecode interpreter and dynamic (just-in-time) compiler
  • Comprehensive class library with "ready-to-use" modules for applications
  • Open Smalltalk source code
  • Special features of Smalltalk/X: Static compilation and DLL creation guided by makefiles
  • Freely usable, no licensing costs

Smalltalk/X and eXept

Smalltalk/X was completely developed by our company and is constantly being expanded and maintained. It constitutes the basis for our products. The advantages of Smalltalk combined with the comprehensive know-how from our programming environment have made eXept fast and flexible during the development of the technologically-leading test automation solution expecco.

Our Solutions and Offers in Conjunction with Smalltalk


From subsystems, frameworks or complete applications from and to Smalltalk


We will develop your project based upon our many years of experience and comprehensive know-how

Support, Maintenance, Continued Development and Modernisation

of existing systems

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