Testautomation and Quality Management

Our Testautomation Tool for development, execution and analysis of tests.
Profitable, smart, easy integratable

Quality Management Platform for central administration of projects, requirements, test and defects.
Genial: Automated test planning considering all test resources!

Object-oriented programming language with graphical development environment,
GUI Builder, built-in WebServer, version management, debugger etc.

We are eXept: innovative, flexible, firm

eXept offers proven unique software solutions for quality assurance management and test automation. Our products can be customized to meet specific needs of your company and adapt to changing requirements.

Since we have organized ourselves into small, effective teams, our decision paths are short and our processes non-bureaucratic. Moreover, you always have a direct connection to your personal, experienced and competent point of contact.

Our service includes the development, installation, and maintenance of our software. We are glad to provide support in implementation and automation. Of course, we
also provide training and coaching.


Taking Out The Stress of Test Automation