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A great innovation in our company is the combination of expecco and expecco ALM. Years of development and experience have gone into these two products. Under the joint name AIDYMO, our core technologies find a new home and enable us to take the next step into the future. The combination of these two software products leads to a new powerful platform where the integration of our modules in the areas of artificial intelligence, digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and simulation bring an enormous competitive advantage for our customers.

expecco ALM





Core Platform

expecco und expecco ALM are the Core Plattform for

  • Automation including test automation
  • Digitalization including simulation
  • Digital twin
  • Artificial intelligence

eXept‘s customers are thus able to address the requirements of the future with proven technology and even more by combining the elements to introduce also a uniform flexible and future-oriented software platform on a company-wide level.

expecco ALM
Are you faced with the challenge of having to map multi-layered end-to-end tests in testing? Then expecco offers you the solution:With a GUI and non-GUI interfaces it's able to map even complex scenarios. At the same time, expecco makes daily work much easier by automating and digitizing procedures, processes and workflows. Even if individual components are missing in existing scenarios, they can be easily simulated and integrated into the workflows. Extensions such as Artificial Intelligence and Digital Emulator will contribute to smoother workflows and self-learning process in the future.
The unique graphical modeling makes it easy for all employees in your company to map all mechanisms and processes. expecco is operating system-independent - no matter which operating system is used in your company, it can run under Windows as well as Linux and iOS. A number of interfaces makes it easy to connect to other systems. No matter how many process and workflows are integrated into the expecco Suite - the central administration and flow control means that you always maintain an overview and can collaborate with different teams across all company locations and fine-tune further development.



expecco: Technology-indipendent and continuously expandable

Simple expansion of the basic expecco system - including all the technologies you need.

The expecco basic system can be easily extended by the required technologies at any time - according to your wishes.
No matter if web, GUI or mobile test: expecco can be customized to your individual needs with several plugins.

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