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    Diagramed test development

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Regardless of whether it is in the airplane, in border protection, in the connected car or somewhere else: Modern technologies are based upon complex systems in which countless controlling and end devices, sensors, data and transmission channels interact. In order for such a total system to function flawlessly, individual component tests are not sufficient. With expecco, we can offer you a complete solution which is easy to use for test automation which checks all technologies for weak points comprehensively in one tool and one test run.

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New expecco Bundle

Test Automation & Test Management & Resource Management with one tool! expecco Testcenter provides a complete automation of your test process. After test development, manage your tests and test results there, trigger the automatic execution, assign the test resources without conflict. You receive a detailed test plan, so bottlenecks can be immediately identified. Video

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expecco is Based on a Workflow Engine

The workflow engine allows to define any processes, such as loops, conditional executions, and parallelism. The test descriptions which are modelled as graphical diagrams are processed by the workflow engine. The test descriptions which are modelled in expecco are special forms of workflows. In general, very diverse business processes are modelled as workflows. Read more

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Test Automation 4.0 & Connected Car

Connected driving is a lucrative future market. However, the connection between mobile devices, back-end infrastructure and controlling devices leads to highly-complex systems. Individual tests are unsatisfactory for the reliability of the overall system and also very costly. As a trailblazer in the area of test automation, eXept Software offers a tool which, for the first time, depicts all components of the connected car in a test scenario and can promptly check for weak points in one single test run.

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Connected Car



Test Resource Management
with expecco ALM

Achieve a high test coverage with our comprehensive resource planning. You have at all times an overview of the resource capacity utilization and you can promptly recognise bottlenecks.

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Programming Language

Smalltalk/X is our passion. Smalltalk/X was completely developed by our company and is constantly being expanded and maintained. We port subsystems, frameworks or complete applications from and to Smalltalk.

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