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expecco - A Highlight for your Test Automation

Simplify and accelerate the development, execution, evaluation and maintenance of your test scenarios. Achieve unprecedented increases in efficiency and productivity through high reusability of test cases across all test levels. Are you looking for automation software for testing UI, web, mobile, measuring instruments, embedded systems or SAP? No problem with expecco! We supply interfaces for testing virtual or real machines, ECUs and complex systems.

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Web-based quality and test management with expecco ALM

Benefit from secure access and a central overview at any time. expecco ALM allows efficient collaboration in teams of all sizes from anywhere. The flexible role and privilege concept allows individual configuration to company requirements. expecco ALM manages tests, test results, and test machines and equipment; controls schedules, test runs, and test resources. At the same time, the testmanagement system offers comprehensive statistics for your role-specific evaluation.

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expecco ALM

expecco: Technology-indipendent and continuously expandable

Simple expansion of the basic expecco system - including all the technologies you need.

The expecco basic system can be easily extended by the required technologies at any time - according to your wishes.
No matter if web, GUI or mobile test: expecco can be customized to your individual needs with several plugins.

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embedded system

Embedded Systems


Measuring instruments



Benefits of test automation? Let us surprise you

Complex complete systems or complex networked systems? Everything is possible with expecco. Fully automated end-to-end tests reduce complexity. This results in less susceptibility to errors, higher stability and greater test coverage. Shorter test times and test procedures, which can be carried out around the clock, contribute to time and cost savings. With the above points, you can significantly improve the quality and stability of your products while at the same time optimizing your personnel deployment.

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expecco test center

Test automation and test management
A strong team – together!

The complete solution for your test processes: Graphical test development. Management of processes and resources, automatic test execution and evaluation in one place. Take the lead - Get access to all developments anytime, anywhere.

expecco test center


developed smalltalk/x

Development environment

Smalltalk/X is our passion. Completely developed in our house - it is the basis for our products. The many advantages, coupled with our know-how, make Smalltalk/X one of the most productive platforms for project

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