Test automation

Web Tests

Automated web tests with expecco Record web tests easily with the integrated recorder With the integrated recorder, activities on a website are simply recorded and a module is automatically created for each action performed. In this way, extensive web tests can be created with just a few simple clicks. The individual elements of the website […]


Different requirements, technologies and devices We have the solution: expecco Our automation tools simplify and speed up the development, execution, evaluation and maintenance of your test scenes. Simultaneously the testing of different technologies and devices is possible in one single test case using our product suite. Together we achieve uniquely efficient improvements and productivity growth. […]


AIDYMO – the combination of expecco and expecco ALM. The combination of these two software products results in a new powerful platform in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), functional digital twin, Industry 4.0, simulation, optimisation, test automation, verification and other functions of future digitalisation. AIDYMO at a glance AIDYMO – Core Technology AIDYMO – […]

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