AIDYMO – Core Technology

AIDYMO at a glance

  • Open standard for connecting any third-party products
  • Unlimited number of interfaces
  • Use in a heterogeneous environment of different systems, technologies, services and interfaces 
  • Plug-and-play connection of existing components (reuse within supply chains)
  • Cloud for industry with open application interface for individual customer applications
  • Optional cloud infrastructure – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise solution
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Cost-effectiveness through high reusability and low maintenance
  • Possibilities for completely new business models

AIDYMO – The Platform

  • All engines are powered by the AIDYMO Core Technology Platform. A proprietary software platform developed by eXept.
  • The Process Modelling Engine enables the automation of processes as well as the development of flow scenarios
  • The Data Aggregation Engine, in conjunction with process data, enables the collection and storage of data from modelled processes as well as the import and export of data, etc.
  • The Business Intelligence Engine enables data to be analysed, key values to be specified, the values to be stored and retrieved and measured against their processes.
  • The optimisation engine optimises the process according to the constraints resulting from the business intelligence analysis.
AIDYMO Core TechnologyPlatform a

Combining the AIDYMO engines enables the transformation of your company towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0 and the realisation of digital twins for your processes.

AIDYMO – Core Technology
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