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expecco – The mobile testing tool.

Fully automated testing of Android and iOS applications

Ensure functionality on all mobile devices

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expecco mobile testing browserThe success and acceptance of a mobile application depends on whether it works flawlessly. The challenge for app operators lies in the variety of mobile devices, the many different iOS and Android versions and screen sizes on the market and the rapid development cycle of the apps. Test automation is essential to ensure functionality in all variants.
Apps auf verschiedenen Geräten testen

Automated testing of apps on different devices

Once tests have been created, they can be run on different devices by changing the parameters of the master test. This allows different devices to be tested under exactly the same conditions. The parameterised test is saved as a new version and remains executable. This allows the model to be run repeatedly and in parallel against the different implementations and devices. Specific developments for different devices are no longer necessary!
Benefit from high reusability, extremely low maintenance and a repeatable, reliable test process.
Komplexe Testszenarien-Mobile Geräte

Complex test scenarios with mobile devices and other components

expecco can test several devices simultaneously in a common test scenario. These can consist of mobile devices, servers, databases, control units, etc. This enables the testing of complex overall systems, such as the communication between mobile phone, head unit and database.

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Communication between Android and iOS

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Testen über NachtTesting overnight

Test your application overnight and on different devices, you will save staff and you will get the test result every morning.



Real devices and emulators

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Android and iOS

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Windows and Linux

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Your benefits at a glance

  • No jailbreak required
  • Recording – simple test creation with integrated recorder
  • Remote control – control of the devices independent of location
  • One master test – executable on all devices (Android and iOS) and emulators
  • Parallel test execution on several devices
  • Communication with external hardware (interfaces including Bluetooth, NFC, WLAN, LTE, fieldbuses, backend)
  • Access to objects in the application context
  • Complexity – the test execution is not only rigidly linear, but also reaction of the test procedure to preconditions and state changes of the app is possible
  • Parameterisability – input values and devices can be easily exchanged
  • Automation – test apps that are already installed or install apps automatically at the start of the test and uninstall them at the end
  • Function Libraries – executable function blocks are included – for rapid test development
  • Reusability – test steps can be reused for further tests
  • Element tree can be inspected – the position of the control elements is visible, the properties can be viewed
  • Detailed reporting

Our Testlab

Together with our customers, we assemble the test platform with selected mobile devices. We specify and develop test scenarios, maintain them at our site and execute the tests. Analysis and summarized reporting of test results, as well as fast response times for troubleshooting on the test platform and in the event of connectivity problems complete our test service.
You benefit from our tool know-how, rapid test development, can optimise your own personnel deployment and receive error messages from a neutral source.

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Our Services

We advise you on the development of automatable test cases and the automation of existing manual tests. We support you with the introduction of the tool and the optimum procedure. We keep expecco up to date with the latest Android and iOS versions at all times.



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AIDYMO/expecco – for powerful automation

Would you like to find out more about our demo licence?
We will be happy to provide you with a time-limited full version of AIDYMO or expecco.

Phone: +49 7142 91948-0

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