ONE platform to pave the way for automation in the future

A major innovation in our company is the combination of expecco and expecco ALM. Years of development and experience have gone into these two products. Under the joint name AIDYMO, our core technologies find a new home and enable us to take the next step into the future. The combination of these two software products results in a new powerful platform in which the integration of our modules in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Functional Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, simulation, optimisation, test automation, verification and other functions of future digitalisation bring an enormous competitive advantage for our customers.

Effective and flexible test management with expecco ALM

The entire test management – planning, controlling and analysing all tests – takes place centrally in one place: our web-based expecco ALM is set up on a server or in a cloud. This means it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The expecco licences are also managed here in a licence pool. If one of the licences is activated on any computer, it is only available again when expecco is closed after work is done, the PC is switched off or the connection to the cloud or server is interrupted. In this way, all tests, requirements, resources, errors and projects are recorded and managed centrally and automated test execution is controlled. In this way, expecco ALM enables efficient test planning, automatically utilises all the resources required for the test run and thus increases your test execution rate.

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