Test automation with reusable modules and libraries

High reusability and minimal maintenance effort

The scope of delivery of expecco includes a large number of function blocks that are already clearly organised in libraries, including general, domain-dependent and domain-independent function blocks. You can access this valuable function block library for every test project. Individual functions, for example login/logout, are summarised in networks. The activity diagrams are suitable for modelling complex processes, especially those that need to be executed in parallel. The networks created in this way can in turn be stored as building blocks and used as formulated components in more complex networks. In this way, complicated processes can be graphically modelled and modified in a way that is easy to understand. As a result, they become much more transparent, extremely flexible and low-maintenance. This (intuitive) process makes the redevelopment of recurring functions superfluous and also ensures the best readability of complex tests.

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Reusability of tests across all test levels increases productivity

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If analysts already model the product requirements in expecco, these test cases can be reused until the final system test. A major advantage is that executable tests are already available at the start of the project, which can be reused until the final system test. Every further development can be checked and documented immediately. The fact that component and system tests are no longer separated and therefore no new test cases need to be written reduces your costs considerably. Overall, everyone involved benefits from this system: optimised communication, more effective collaboration and early error detection lead to effective increases in productivity in every development phase.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Team and interdisciplinary system deployment
  • Effective in all development and test phases
  • Maximum test coverage through use even before the start of development
  • Minimised quality risks through early error detection
  • Suitable for all methods: traditional, agile, hybrid


AIDYMO/expecco – for powerful automation

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