Manual testing

From manual testing to partial or full automation

Test steps that are constantly repeated or used repeatedly in different tests, such as filling in fields, navigating or validating field content, logins, etc., can be automated. These are integrated into the test sequence and save a considerable amount of time during the manual test, reducing costs in the long term and increasing the performance of the entire test procedure.

Manual testing

In addition to the development, execution, evaluation and automation of your tests, expecco also supports the execution of manual and semi-automated test sequences and thus offers a unique migration path for automation.

Partial automation

Individual test steps that are constantly repeated, such as filling in fields, navigating or validating field content, can be easily automated and integrated into the manual test.

Full automation

Further test steps can be gradually automated or new, automated tests can be combined with the manual test in a test sequence. According to your needs and your pace – right up to complete automation.

Keep the overview

Manual tests are usually documented on Excel sheets and saved in simple folder structures. All test cases are managed centrally in our management solution integrated in AIDYMO. You always have an overview of all your projects, which are stored and managed centrally by us for you.

You receive reproducible test results with all test information for audit-proof documentation.

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