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Comprehensive Test Automation.

Effective, Cost-Effective, Future-Oriented.

The constantly increasing complexity of products and applications as well as the ever-shorter development cycles make comprehensive test automation absolutely necessary. It is required throughout the entire product development cycle. Requirements already linked during the analysis are continuously reused across divisions and teams until acceptance is made.



By using only one single tool, you can master the challenges arising from the testing of graphical user interfaces.

GUI in Detail



In expecco, complex systems are depicted in a comprehensible manner. Programmers can expand the system as required.

Systems in Detail



Regardless of whether it involves V-Model, agile test development or hybrid processes–expecco is well-suited for all methods.

Methods in Detail

A Tool for the Entire Team ,
Throughout the Entire Product Development Cycle.

Thanks to the continuous test automation, comprehensible depiction and simple operability, all project participants can participate directly in the automation. From the Product Manager to the Tester and the Software Developer to the Domain Expert. All participants profit from this.


Our Innovation, Your Benefit

  • Cross-technology testing
  • Cross-team and cross-division usage
  • Mastery of the highest complexity
  • Highest degree of reusability
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • High degree of flexibility