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Test automation with expecco

expecco meets all demands to master increasing system and complexity, shorter development cycles, and shortages of specialized human resources.

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expecco – for high-performance test automation

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Master Complexity


Master Complexity

The continuously increasing interconnectedness and complexity of applications requires comprehensive test automation. In the acceptance test in particular, the functionality of the entire system must be ensured. To this end, we offer interfaces to all components and allow a comprehensive end-to-end tests.

Networked Systems

Save Time

If test automation is involved early in the product development cycle, all tests, can be reused from component to system tests. Changes are made at a central point, reducing maintenance effort. Automated tests are carried out immedialely after a change or over night and reducing test times significantly.


Save Time


Improve Quality


Improve Quality

Developing stable software and avoiding regressions despite ever-more-stringent requirements is possible with thoroughgoing test automation, which also provides a high degree of test coverage. The automatic report after each test run provides tamper-proof documentation.


Optimize Human Resources

Graphical test development with realistic test processes allows testers to develop tests without programming knowledge. The error rate due to complexity constantly repeated manual tests is minimized. The time saved due this automation can be spent to implementing move and deeper tests or for new functionalities.

Test Development

Optimize Human Resources

Optimize Human

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