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expecco - the Testframework for Complex Systems

Test suites, timetables, test computers, test devices and resources are centrally managed here and the test automation is also controlled here. In this regard, expecco ALM offers test management for all automation stages: Manual, partially-automated and fully-automated tests are supported.


Testing different Technologies

expecco makes it possible: Regardless of whether it involves user interfaces, business processes, mobile devices, embedded systems, other interfaces, databases, logs or measuring devices–automate your tests across technologies–with only one tool, in only one test run.

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(R)evolution of test automation

Prompt Error Detection, Risk-Optimized Test Coverage

With expecco, you will discover the unlimited possibilities for graphical test development. This unique approach in test automation enables the use of the tool throughout the entire product development cycle–from the definition of requirements to the acceptance test.

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Minimal Maintenance Expenditures, Maximal Productivity

expecco is modularly-structured. That guarantees high reusability in all test stages. If there are changes made to the user interfaces, control or measuring devices, other interfaces, logs, etc., the one-time adjustment of a module suffices regardless of whether it was used in 10 or 10,000 test sequences.

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Easy Connection to Your Test Management System

We have designed expecco to be an open system. That enables seamless integration into almost every existing test and development environment. Connecting to already-existing test & quality management systems, e.g. DOORS, Testlink and others, is possible without any problems via expecco API.

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