expecco – for high-performance in test automation.

Testing individual technologies vs. testing entire complex systems? This doesn’t have to be a contrast.

Simple to use and extremely flexible, expecco meets the highest requirements of complex test scenarios. No wonder, because well-founded expert knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in cross-industry project development have gone into our product. expecco provides all conditions and modules for rapid, efficient automation.

The expecco interfaces.

Use them to include the complete test environment in the automation.

Extensive function libraries with programmed modules enable quick development and direct execution of your tests of GUI, web, mobile, Embedded Systems, SAP, and other technologies. Because expecco has a modular structure, our basic system can be expanded at any time with plugins that exactly meet your individual requirements. Our variety of interfaces creates all the conditions for integrating your complete test environment into the automation.

Now also function libraries for SomeIP und MQTT

Continuous testing? End-to-end-tests with expecco.

Individual technologies or an entire system: expecco allows you to access all existing components, enabling reliable end-to-end tests. Regardless of the operating system, you can, for example, test the back end under Linux, the front end under Windows, and mobile devices together.

Innovative test development through grafical modeling.

Realistic test modeling with UML activity diagrams.

expecco offers a platform for unlimited test development that involves every team member, regardless of programming proficiency. Whether you are a domain expert or product planner, or are creating requirement profiles, you can understand, modify, and create test scenarios. This works because the tests are graphically formulated as UML activity diagrams at a high abstraction level. To this end, extensive libraries provide basic function modules. And each module contains functionalities that have already been implemented and can be executed directly.

Test development with expecco is made by:

Graphical test development
via drag-and-drop for users without programming knowledge

The recorder
for test development via capture and replay

for software developers

Reports for detailed documentation.

expecco delivers tamper-proof test documentation.

After each test run, expecco automatically generates and archives a test report. Any attachments, such as screenshots, images, or documents, can be added to any test step and archived with the report. This provides a tamper-proof test documentation. expecco allows you to generate reports at any level of detail so that they provide meaningful information for managers, developers, or testers. The test report layout can be customized to each client. You can also specify output formats – PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, text, etc. – yourself.

Developed once, used indefinitely.

Function modules from expecco win approval with their reusability and low maintenance.

The library concept offers unbeatable advantages: Once created, function modules can be reused in all test projects. Any necessary changes and adjustments can be carried out easily from a central location. Frequently used modules only have to be created once and can be integrated into a wide variety of test cases as often as needed by drag&drop.

Continuous Integration.

A simple integration into ongoing processes enhances quality level.

expecco can be used in all test levels and allows the automation of tests over the entire product development cycle. Simulated target systems can be tested and the created test cases can be reused at any time. In this way, a high degree of automation is reached in the shortest possible time, resulting in significantly shorter development times and optimized error detection.

Simple connection to third-party systems – smooth system integration.

expecco is an open system that can be seamlessly integrated into almost any existing test and development environment. Existing test and quality management systems can be conveniently integrated via the expecco API. expecco is particularly powerful with the perfectly tuned test

AIDYMO/expecco – for powerful automation

Would you like to find out more about our demo licence?
We will be happy to provide you with a time-limited full version of AIDYMO or expecco.

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