Various technologies combined in a single flexible test scenario.

expecco allows you to test GUI, Mobile, Embedded, SAP, Measurement Devices individually or in combination, fully automated and integrated

This is how end-to-end works

The special feature of expecco is that for the first time various technologies can be consistently combined in a complete test scenario. This system allows you to check even highly complex, networked applications for weak points in a single test run at an early stage.
expecco already contains all elements you need for efficient test automation. You can extend the basic system with the appropriate plugins depending on the project status and your individual requirements. Each supported technology has fully programmed libraries and directly executable function blocks.
Conclusion: With expecco the fully automated end-to-end test is reality!

The expecco basic system includes …

  • expecco IE#
  • Libraries (standard, ODBC, XML)
  • Ports: seriell/USB/parallel
  • Connections (DLL, CSV, etc.)
  • Web Test (Webdriver, HTML5, Smart GWT, etc.)
  • Webservices (REST, SOAP, RPC)
  • Manual Test
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Bridge technoligies for Java, .NET and C

… and can be extended by the following technologies:

UI – Tests

The expecco UI Browser offers the uniform basis for testing various UI technologies such as:

Java (Swing | SWT | FX)
Microsoft UIA2 UIA3 (UI Automation)
.NET (MFC | Forms | DevExpress)
VNC etc.

Mobile – Tests

for Android and iOS applications

Advantages of fully automated testing with expecco Mobile:

  • Full remote access on multiple mobile phones
  • Deep control options for testing applications
  • Communication with mobile devices (WLAN, USB)
  • Communication with external hardware (Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, controllers, back end)
  • Parallel execution on multiple devices
  • Availability of trace data via automated documentation for subsequent analysis of faulty test runs
  • No jailbreak necessary

Web – Tests

Selenium RC and WebDriver

The highlights of automated web tests:

  • Testing Windows and Linux applications in different browsers
  • Integrated recorder
  • Test runs in different browsers possible

Embedded System – Test

Direct control of hardware interfaces and bus systems such as

CAN, CANoe, CANAnalyzer, MOST, XMI, USB, WSDL, VNC Client, Remote Access, SCP-Filetransfer etc.

SAP – Tests

expecco communicates directly with SAP:

  • Mapping and testing of real business processes
  • Connection to SAP GUI via eCATT
  • Simultaneous connection to multiple GUIs possible

More libraries for measuring devices, simulators and interfaces

These include e.g.: PCAN, CANUSB, Profibus, Vector Hardware Interfaces, OPC UA, MQTT, Some/IP

Your benefits:

  • Direct control of hardware interfaces and bus systems
  • Control applications to control embedded systems
  • Analog inputs and outputs

With expecco you are simply flexible!

Our customers appreciate the flexibility and multiple capabilities of the technology linkage when testing with expecco. Some start with UI or Mobile testing and move to test highly complex systems after a short time. Because clear structures and best experiences are convincing.

Node and Python functions

There is a large variety of published node and python modules for almost every problem on the internet. Now you can simple use them with expecco.

In our tutorial we show you with an exapmle how easily it is to implement.

AIDYMO/expecco – for powerful automation

Would you like to find out more about our demo licence?
We will be happy to provide you with a time-limited full version of AIDYMO or expecco.

Phone: +49 7142 91948-0

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