Continuous acceptance tests with expecco

expecco gives you access to all existing system components.
Both software and hardware components are tested end-to-end in a complete test scenario. All simulations, devices, machines and applications can be combined in one test sequence. Reliable end-to-end tests are therefore possible.


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Our Customers Test Setups

In four examples, we show you test setups from our customers. The examples come from different industries and are anonymised.

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Test automation for all operating systems

Independent of the operating system you can test for example the back end under Linux, the front end under Windows, and mobile devices together in one test run.


  • Testing under Linux
  • Testing under Windows
  • Testing of mixed operating systems
  • Simulation of missing components


After each test run, a test report is generated and archived directly from the run log. This means that the report can be used as audit-proof test documentation.

The appearance of the report can be customised to your own layout. You have the option of deciding for yourself how it should be structured and what information it should contain. Attachments, screenshots, images or documents can be added to each test step and archived together with the report. The test results are reproducible for all members of the test team. The content, language and appearance can be customised for the various target groups – customers, managers, testers, developers. It can be generated in any level of detail for different requirements. For example, a manager can receive an abbreviated summary, while the results are clearly visualised in pie charts for a quick overview. The report for testers and developers is very detailed and shows all relevant data, such as the status of each test step including all attached information and comments.

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Report Benefits

  • Audit-proof test documentation
  • Reproducible test results
  • Report generation in any level of detail
  • Customer-specific layout
  • All output formats possible: PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, text, etc.
  • Test plan overview
  • Specific information regarding the test runs



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