A fresh design for our website

Welcome to our new website! We are pleased to present you our fresh and modern design. Our redesign was centred around your needs as a customer. We have worked hard to create a user-friendly experience that allows you to quickly discover and utilise our products and services. Discover our high-quality automation products that are specifically […]

New release for AIDYMO/expecco with innovative features

New release for AIDYMO/expecco with innovative features Mobile start of test runs via smartphone or tablet. One of over 30 new functionalities in release 23.2. (PresseBox) (eXept, 11 March 2024) With “AIDYMO/expecco 23.2”, eXept Software AG has added a number of new and innovative features to its product suite for automating processes and tests in […]

Industry 4.0 – eXept as a pioneer of intelligent networking for digital transformation

Innovation driver with AIDYMO and expecco PresseBox (eXept, 08/01/2024) The fourth industrial revolution has begun in industry. In the past, memory-programmed control and CNC machines were the measure of the digital revolution, but Industry 4.0 aims to expand digitalisation through the intelligent networking of machines and processes, particularly through the use of new information and […]

eXept Software AG offers solutions for the public sectore

The AIDYMO platform is currently being used as an RPA tool in several health authorities in Baden-Württemberg. By automating the recording of coronavirus tests and proof of immunity (e.g. for mandatory measles vaccination), secure transmission and parallel processing of large volumes of data, the workload of the health authorities is significantly reduced. All process steps […]

Automation: AIDYMO in the healthcare sector

AIDYMO is currently being used in several health authorities in Baden-Württemberg: Automating the recording of coronavirus tests and proof of immunity (e.g. for mandatory measles vaccination) has relieved the burden on health authorities. All process steps are processed automatically. Selected features from AIDYMO’s recording of measles immunity certificates from institutions such as schools: Provision of […]

Registration for online presentation

In our online presentations you will learn everything about our expecco product suite, such as the automation of tests and processes as well as their management and execution control. Our online presentations include: Test automation with expecco The digitalised world networks a wide variety of products and services, and each individual component and the overall […]

How expecco works: Dynamic updating of test sequences

No. 2 – Dynamic update of test sequences expecco supports the dynamic import of information at runtime. Using this mechanism, new test modules can be created or existing ones updated fully automatically based on this information. This means that existing test sequences can be automatically adapted to changes in the system under test and prepared […]

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