Industry 4.0 – eXept as a pioneer of intelligent networking for digital transformation

Innovation driver with AIDYMO and expecco

PresseBox (eXept, 08/01/2024)

The fourth industrial revolution has begun in industry. In the past, memory-programmed control and CNC machines were the measure of the digital revolution, but Industry 4.0 aims to expand digitalisation through the intelligent networking of machines and processes, particularly through the use of new information and communication technologies.

As a driver of innovation in industrial applications, eXept Software AG offers modules for its AIDYMO and expecco products to support Industry 4.0.

For example, smart networks that enable an optimised flow of goods, flexible production and adaptable factories are supported. In addition, data from the products produced and the manufacturing processes are brought together and intelligently evaluated to optimise processes and services for customers.

Together with an external partner, eXept has already developed a solution for the provision of automated tests for virtual plants in combination with real control systems.
(For exclusive customer requirements, customisations and extensions of the modules, so-called plugins for AIDYMO and expecco, can be implemented together quickly and cost-effectively.

The following core features are implemented in the modules:

  • Connection to control systems (OPC-UA, S7 PLC, CAN, ProfiBus, etc.)
  • Protocols such as MQTT, ZeroMQ
  • MMI automation (VNC, Web, QT, etc.)
  • Connection to various databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Connection to backend systems
  • Integration of existing libraries in Python, Node, Java, C/C++, etc.
  • Integration and execution of digital twins (FMU)
Industry 4.0 – eXept as a pioneer of intelligent networking for digital transformation
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