expecco - the Ideal Solution

A Testing Tool which Combines-

Development, Implementation, Evaluation and Automation

  • expecco impresses through its simple operation
  • Graphical test modelling by drag & drop
  • Regardless of whether it involves manual testing, GUI, non-GUI, mobile, software or hardware tests – all segments and industries are covered
  • expecco enables the integration of tests of various technologies and interfaces
  • Ideally suited to testing workflows within complex systems
  • Link to already-existing testing and quality management systems
  • Simple expansion from manual to partially-automated testing processes

expecco pays off:

  • Fast creation and conducting of tests within a very short period of time
  • Transparent test automation in order to reduce costs, errors are discovered earlier, deadlines and quality goals are thus met
  • Reuse of graphical test building blocks
  • Minimal maintenance expenditures

expecco covers various types of tests and can be customised to your individual requirements:

  • Integration, acceptance tests
  • Functional, workflow-based tests
  • Manual tests
  • Automation of installation and migration processes
  • Automation of recurring business processes
  • Workload and performance tests
Owing to the transparency and simple operation, all project participants can participate in the automation. From the Product Manager to the Software Developer and domain expert to the customer, all parties profit.
Experience the graphical test modelling on your screen.
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