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bettina gittinger

Bettina Gittinger



Software moves, guides and controls. Both in the daily work life as well as in the daily private life. And we rely on it. Thus, software must function flawlessly. My passion is to work together with my team to provide our customers with the best tools and services. For comprehensive quality management. Reliable and future-oriented.

stefan vogel

Stefan Vogel

Chairman of the Supervisory Board & Company Founder


In addition to his work duties as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Stefan Vogel is the President of the Softwaretest Professional Society in Baden-Wurttemberg. Stefan has 30 years of professional experience and is a specialist in the areas of network protocols, databases, encryption & security. Stefan Vogel is responsible for the eXept-internal quality management.

andreas bartsch

Andreas Bartsch

COO & Company Founder


Andreas Bartsch has worked in the IT environment for more than 25 years. He contributed his experience during the development of our expecco product line. He is responsible for the product management and the product quality as well as for providing customer support.

claus gittinger

Claus Gittinger

Smalltalk Guru & Company Founder


Internationally known as the developer of Smalltalk/X, Claus has worked for more than 30 years as a Consultant on projects in conjunction with Smalltalk portings, runtime systems and frameworks. He is an Instructor at the University of the Media, Stuttgart and the University of Prague.

claus atzkern

Claus Atzkern

CTO & Company Founder


Claus Atzkern has more than 30 years of professional experience in the IT industry. In addition to supporting customers on Smalltalk projects, he is our specialist for the design and automation of test sequences and test processes and advises our customers on the development of their test infrastructure.

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