Connected Car

Connected Car & Test automation 4.0.

Test the entire connected world around the car with one tool.

Now with function libraries for SomeIP and MQTT

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It is already becoming clear today: in future, vehicles will become the centre of communication for networked mobility. Not only will a wide variety of components communicate with each other within the vehicle body, but other vehicles and large areas of the environment will also be included. Infotainment systems, head units, mobile devices, back-end infrastructures and control units will be networked to form complex overall systems with a wide range of variants. The interactions of these individual systems must be checked as a whole. Despite these challenges, the delivery of stable systems is made possible by continuous test automation.
Therefore we developed expecco.

Reliability in embedded connectivity systems.

expecco allows access to all components present in the overall system and enables end-to-end testing.

expecco enables shared access to all components contained in the overall system. The connection of mobile devices, backend infrastructure and control units are tested together in a test scenario. Complex and realistic workflows can be mapped and automated.

Automated end-to-end test for the entire system



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