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Support for planners, system integrators, executing trades and building operators through automated test solution

Smart home applications offer users considerable added value in many areas of daily life, such as energy supply, security, health, entertainment and convenience. The future belongs to complete home control with a centralised control function and a wide range of networking options. The user controls the functions via smartphone and the internet from any location. These comprehensive solutions are becoming increasingly complex as networking increases, and the demands on quality management are becoming ever greater. Testing these complex systems with ever shorter development and update cycles, as well as the different operating systems on the market, is becoming a challenge. Not only must new developments be tested, but the functioning of previous versions must also be ensured.


Observe – control – detect sources of error

Create circuit diagrams and test scenarios via drag & drop and test your building components end-to-end. Here using the example of a blind test. Test execution via desktop, cloud and mobile devices.
Testautomation Smart Home-PDF (Ger)
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Automated system testing for all components.

Delivering stable products despite increasing networking and complexity works with end-to-end test automation. We have developed expecco for this purpose. We supply and maintain all relevant interfaces for you.

You test individually or in combination.

  • GUI – Java (Swing/SWT/FX), .NET (MFC/WPF/DevExpress), Microsoft UIA2 UIA3 (UI Automation), VNC QT
  • Mobile – iOS, Android
  • Embedded Systems – Remote Access, VNC Client, WSDL, XMI, USB, MOST, CAN, CANoe, CANAnalyzer…
  • Measuring devices/simulators/interfaces – GPIB/ IEEE488, SCPI, VISA Bridges: Java, .Net, Webservices: REST, SOAP, RCP Protocols: WSDL, SSH, Telnet, SomeIP, MQTT
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