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expecco – A GUI Testing Tool

With expecco, you can automate user scenarios quickly and easily.

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One tool for all technologies.

Our expecco GUI Browser is a standardised basis for testing a wide range of GUI technologies. All graphical user interface elements, even dynamic objects, as well as keyboard and mouse events are flexibly recognised and clearly identified via XPath. Image recognition via VNC is also possible.

Cross-application tests.

The requirements for graphical user interfaces are constantly increasing. The interaction of different applications becomes more and more important. expecco is able to handle several applications simultaneously, which can be implemented in different languages and run on different computers. This guarantees a cross-application test.

Fast test development.

We supply comprehensive module libraries for all GUI technologies. Employees without programming knowledge can develop tests quickly and efficiently using drag&drop.
Or use the integrated recorder.

more about test development with expecco

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Our GUI technologies

For the following technologies we deliver block libraries with all necessary functionalities.
They are immediately executable after test modeling



betriebssysteme windows linux

Further tests

In addition to GUI testing, expecco offers interfaces to all other system components. This means that machines, devices and simulations can be tested in combination with the GUI.

more about end-to-end tests

expecco offers these benefits

  • Simultaneous testing of several GUI applications on different devices.
  • Visualisation of the user interface layout.
  • Different GUI technologies within one test run.
  • Simultaneous communication with several applications on different computers.
  • Combination of GUI and non-GUI test steps in a test sequence.
  • Flexible parameterisation of recorded partial sequences.
  • Support in finding controls through highlighting, thumbnails and mouse-over feedback.
  • Automatically generated reports after each test run.

AIDYMO/expecco – for powerful automation

Would you like to find out more about our demo licence?
We will be happy to provide you with a time-limited full version of AIDYMO or expecco.

Phone: +49 7142 91948-0

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